09 May

The Rakish Gent SS15 Film

Alongside the editorial I shot for The Rakish Gent last month I also shot a film! It’s been about a year since I last edited a film and I swear it takes about that amount of time to forget how long it takes, drawing each and every frame is not for the faint wristed lemme tell you. If you want to see both the editorial and the film then check it out below so you know what to scribble on yourselves to stay on trend this Spring/Summer:


23 Mar

The Rakish Gent SS15 Editorial


I recently collaborated with The Rakish Gent on a Spring Summer 2015 trends editorial, so if you want to know what to crack outta your wardrobe to be bang on trend this season then check it out!

This was my first photo shoot since graduating 9 months ago, so it’s definitely been a minute since I’ve picked up a camera but it was so exciting to plan out and create an editorial again. Mixing photography and illustration creates something that I can’t achieve with just illustrating alone, so I need to make sure I pick up and dust off my camera a little bit more often than once every 9 months… even though a camera is so much heavier than a pencil.

The full editorial can be viewed here: therakishgent.co.uk/ss-15-trends.html

05 Feb

Skinny Dip London Feature


Last month I was approached by  Skinnydip London to produce a few illustrations for them for an online ‘Young British Talent’ feature. They gave me free rein of their products to chose from and I had to go for the fries ipad case which I thought was brilliant. To read my interview with them and see the other illustrations have a butchers at the link below:


17 Jan

London Collection: Mens

agi-sam katy-eary KTZ liam-hodges matthew-miller nicomede rory shannon xander-zhou


A big ol’ image post featuring a majority of the illustrations I drew for stylefan.net for London Collection: Mens. I don’t draw men all that often (cos dresses are funner) but after 4 days of drawing nothing but, now I’m struggling to draw females, only a month til LFW so better get my arse in gear. Really was a nice change to just focus on menswear for a while (…4 days), there are some really interesting and exciting designers coming out of LCM.

07 Jan

Illustrated Christmas Advent Winner


I’d like to thank everyone that took part in my Christmas Advent giveaway! I randomly selected a winner a week back and it was Sarah Nunn (http://sarah-nunn.blogspot.co.uk/) she requested a portrait of herself and here it is!

Nice change to do an illustration based on an actual outfit rather than just seeing what comes outta my head, call myself a ‘fashion’ illustrator yet I hardly ever draw actual fashion ha, think that needs to start changing.

Happy New Year!

27 Dec

Merry Christmas 2014!

For the lead up to Christmas I created an illustrated advent, If you follow me on any social media you would have seen the numbers being posted up daily, but in celebration of Christmas, the magical day it is I made a video so you can see them all and have a lil Xmas message at the end.

It was part of a giveaway so the winner will be annouced today! Was meant to do it yesterday but I was too busy eating leftovers…. #ChristmasSpirit

Images © Scott W Mason 2017